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My M3 vs 330ci

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Cam has read this 1 but i think this story should be nice to be my first post after my favorite forum is back.

This is my first time racing a bmw and its a 330ci. I was driving about 40mph on local and i see car with bright xenon coming fast from behind and passed me. the way he passed i knew he was up to something. I kept my speed the same and he slowed down and got behind me. I thought he needed to make a right turn and didnt want to cut me off so close, but i was wrong he turned on his HID foglights behind me I said to myself, "yea, yea, yea,... whatever" Then he flyed by me and I started feeling annoyed. I turned on my HID H1 foglights as well ( i don't turn on my foglights often) he braked and waited for me. I was still going 40mph and we matched the speed. He was playing loud rap
(50 cent- in da club... omg that song is so play out IMO) and he gave me " lets do this" signal. I heard he rev match so I did the same. I gave him a signal "go first" and he was like "you go first"
I was like whatever. He punched it suddenly when I was about to open my window a little more so i could put my hand out to count 1,2,3. I floored it, passed him , and pulled away. He was pretty quick. I think I pulled away from him pretty quick if I compare to last time I raced the new Z. When I was racing that new Z, I was pulling like half inch every 2 seconds.
I hit the brake to shut it down around 70-80 mph but he just kept going

At first when he was messing with me, I thought his car was supercharged or seomthing or he just thought my car wasn't a real M3 cuz my rear bumper is different? anyway I was pretty happy about it.
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hehe i raped some fugly integra in pasadena from 0-100 something his car sounded like it had been modified a lot too though...the entire stupid race started cuz his gf liked my car better and kept looking at me :lol: but ya i wasnt about to get caught doing 120+ on a local street just to beat that little peace of shit...knowing the typical ricer after i hit the brake and got off that street cuz it was going to hit a major intersection i see him flash his hazards as if he won the race...psshhh ya right not once did he pass me all the way from 0-100 he kept even with me at several points but i had 3 ppl in my car too
fucking hell i forgot to sign in well that was me ^
ahah i was like who the fuck is this unknown guy telling the story. B)
hehe i beat him too...oh ya i went in to oncoming traffic to beat him also :lol:
haha, love that story gary!! Like I said in the other forum, I raced a guy in a 330ci and smoked him, his GF couldn't stop staring at my car.

He raced a ricer right before he raced me and smoked him, I was totally giving the guy thumbs up!!
did u start it first or that guy? hard to find people to race in LA man.
we both kind of started it, I saw him race the ricer and smoke him so I drove next to him and was giving him a thumbs up, his GF couldn't stop staring at my car and smiling. At the next light 330, me and the ricer all lined up, everyone was reving so I just hit the gas and everyone went bye bye, the ricer lost so bad I don't even like to mention it.
sounds awsome. when are u planning to come down to LA this week?
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