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My M3 vs 2002 Mustang GT

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I always thought mustang GT is only good for off the line but i found out its not last night. I raced my friend's Stock 2002 Mustang GT last night and I was amazed. We started from 80mph which is my favorite mph to start a race, because I LOVE my 3rd gear. My friend had 1 person in his car and I had 2 (extra 360 pounds) We counted to 3 and we both floored it. We were dead even! I finally started pulling when I hit 110-120mph and I shut it down when i hit 140mph.

When I was on the way home, there was a black e36 325 flyed by and turned on his hazzard lights. MY friend said, " I think we will be home very soon." . MY car felt so much faster after i dropped off a 200 pounds guy.
video will come soon :) I turned on my foglights to let him know " I am coming" I downshifted and chased him. Before I started chasing him, he was like 10-12 cars lengths away from me. After I turned on the lights, I knew you gunned it. I passed him when I was going 130mph and I waved bye to his gf. I kept on going until I hit 150 and my rpm was like 6k!!

I will have the vid that I raced the GT soon :)
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ya as long as its not the normal mustang they are pretty good
where do you go that fast? i wish i had a V1
605freeway at 3am in the morning :)
Originally posted by donutchow@Apr 26 2003, 05:23 AM
where do you go that fast? i wish i had a V1
nice kill...btw what is "V1?"
valentine radar detector
Valentine One, in most people's opinion THE best radar dector made to date.
icic. i remember that. musta just forgetten :huh:
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