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My idea for a new car segment!

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So you know how they have the civic hybrid, and the prius hybrid? why not make a luxury hybrid? like a BMW 5 series that gets 35mpg??? they could sell it at the same prices, sure it wouldn't be as fast but i bet it will sell like crazy. rich people would buy it, i think it would sell well. i wonder if i could contact a bmw person, or email someone about it. by the way, it's my idea, don't steal it B)
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They are making it. With GM, if i remember i think i saw something on it here. Electric hybrid is not the way of the future. Its to weak, cant make good enough power with it. BMW is going hydrogen. It may not sell now like electric hyrbrids will, but when the first practical hydrogen powered car comes out, not just some stupid little hyrdogen dune buggy prototypes, and BMW has it. That will be paydirt.
bmw does have hydrogen powered cars, the new 7s have the system installed. the fact remains that #1, there are only 2 public hydrogen refueling statitions int he world (in germany, 1 at the munich airport, 1 somewhere else) and #2 the cost of isolating hydrogen alone....though they said if recycled properly, it could last forever, though i have some doubt to this......the world will run out of oil some day, and hydrogen will be the new thing.....
but why not just a hybrid, gas-electric 5 series?
too slow...the prius and crap have like 70hp, cause it takes up alot of room to have both a gas and electric engine, a hydrogen car can have the same hp as a gasoline equivlent why not hydrogen?
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