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I recently acquired a 96 740iL as a project.

the fan came off somehow and ripped the power steering and radiator hoses.

It also busted up the radiator, expansion tank, and coolant temp sensor wiring.

I have already purchased the replacement parts.

the problems are the following:

I disconnected the battery a few months ago since it wasn't moving anyways.

I had it running then, but after disconnecting the battery it won't even turn over anymore.

all lights and accessories work fine, but the car won't do anything when I try to crank it.

there is some error message saying "ignition lock" or something similar.

I tried to jumpstart it with no luck.

I need your help guys!!!:help

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The probable reason your fan went is either down to the water pump shaft or the viscous clutch.

My 1st port of call would be to fully charge the battery overnight and reprogramme the key/keys to the car, as its been stood so long I would suspect the the ECU doesn't recognise the key, also is the battery in the fob ok ?.

If you require instructions on how to reprogramme the Key/keys, get back to me and I will PM them to you.
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