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Since I sold my M3 I found this 540iT in Santa Cruz, CA. Havent been on here at all cause I use to check here via Moble phone and I have a normal Samsung slidey thing. cause the blackberry kindy fell into the shower :rofl and the g1 accidentally went into a toilet then melted to a table trying to dry it:emo. I haven't really had much time to post cause I'm busy fixing 2 e46's the e39 and 3 e36 m3's + the cars at work..... so a little buzyish BUT I got a free minute to post here:rule. I miss all my Bimmer bro's and sisters;)

Mileage: 90,000
Engine: V8 4.4 Liter
Transmission: Automatic
Drivetrain: RWD

Factory Stuffs:
Air Conditioning
Cruise Control
Traction Control
Power Steering
AM/FM Stereo
Power Windows
Dual Power Seats
Power Door Locks
Dual Front
Air Bags
Moon Roof
Telescoping Wheel
ABS (4-Wheel)
Roof Rack
Sport Pkg
Premium Sound
Premium Wheels
Multi Compact Disc
Front Side Air Bags

Current Mods:
EiBach Springs(in the front)
Bent SLS links in the back to Trick the SLS to go lower
Tape deck resoldered to be have Aux cable
Matte Black Stock Rims
Chalkboard Painted Hood
M5 Front Bumper
3000k HID fogs
The Angel Eyes Outta My M3
Smoked Tail Lights

Future plans
Coliovers and Try for an SLS Delete
6-Speed Swap
M Tech Rear Bumper
///M Style Exhaust

Original Window Sticker of just over $59k:rofl


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Nice car Nick. You've done the hood already?
Yep I'll have new pics to post soonish:rolleyes: the hood is amazing:rule

What a car! :coolpics
thank you Mr. Shark!
Nice E39 Touring! Good luck with your new ride........;)
jb :)
thank you JB :)

thanks dave;)

any pics for the interior?
ok i'll get some soonish and post them :)

just found your thread yoo! I'm really digging the rims - Radialspeiche 32 is my #1 favorite style on pretty much any BMW. What are the further plans?
The 32's are one of my favorate rims ever:rule future plans are finish wiring the Angel eyes, Coilovers, Alpina rims if I can find/afford them, M5 Mirrors, M5 Rear Bumper(to match the current M5 bumper thats on it no pictured though....)and a 6 speed swap when the auto dies:shifty

Alpine, i have a e39 540i with the same wheels and i was wondering how much the wheels cost to get painted?
I actually painted them my self :D so is only was less then $25:rule

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^ it can LOADS of stuff i mostly have the seats folded down :) so it is normally a 2 seater :)

BTW it is For sale >.> <.< i have way tomany cars right now and i'm just gonna DD a different car :/

Oh Kyle i will if you bother to ever text me back XD

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^ or ones lowered with a black hood, roof, rims and 5% windows :) F/S ad coming shortly

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^ buy it and do it XD i wish i could but i have to many cars now

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540i Sport Wagon

Hello Fellow Touring Owners,

I own a 1999 540i Wagon bought new European Delivery and broken in on the German Autobahn. 132 K miles and still going strong. A few minor repairs but never crashed.

18" Radial 32 wheels and factory aero package.

Called "Der Hund" because you mainly keep it to drive the dog around.

Pics later


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Nice! i actually am able to keep mine now :rule if you need any help let me know always willing to help a fellow touring owner!
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