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so me and my friend are going to the gas station to check the tire pressure in his mroadster and after were done we pull out to the light. then infront of us my friend recognizes the headlights of a mb.. just wishin it was a e55..

:D it was.. we do a uturn and follow the e55.. only us two on the road just crusin along at 45mph ... we line up and just drool over the car .. well i was

the guy looks over , looks young, 20ish.. luckymofo.. anyways my friend wants to wait till a redlight and see how the car goes from a stop, but no all the lights were green so after about 2 miles my friend gets annoyed.. lol

we line up again, he went to 2nd around 5k held it there waitin for the e55 to notice.. then bam .. the s52 growls to the redline ..clank clank into 3rd..

im in the passanger just waitin for the e55 to take the bait .. and take the bait he does willingly.. i see the the monster awake from the e55 with a jerk from the downshift and just pull like crazy..

we got raped hardcore.. at 95mph the e55 was 4-5car lengths infront of us.. it was so worth it.. we did a uturn and went home..

man i love watch fast cars go fast.. :rock watch slow cars tryin to go fast.. thats just ghey
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