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(there are two of us using this accont one has a 332i and myself the 325 tds se, just to clarify any confusion with multiple posts)

I feel as though i could do some minor mods to the car to make it look nicer and so on, but stumped where to begin, this would be my first projects so looking for some advice or tips.

I plan to fit a new boot with a spoiler,
and have body coloured skirts to fit,
will also be looking to get the body coloured front and rear bumpers.

looking to replace the doors as well as some of them are a bit rusty,
just replaced one wing, which wasnt much fun i must say.

feel like i am building a whole new car lol.

it may be a long term project as money is a bit tight at the moment, i am in the uk just incase anyone wonders.

look forward to your suggestions.
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