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Special thanks go out to everyone that participated in the December Run in Austin, and made it a success.
150 cars!…0 accidents!…0 tickets!

It was a GREAT turnout, and now it’s time to clear your calendars for March….

Only this time, the stakes are higher.

For those of you that crave more than what Lime Creek and 1431 can offer…I submit to you an invitation to the Three Twisted Sisters.

Remote…challenging…and not for the inexperienced driver.

DATE: Saturday March 30th 2013


MEETING PLACE: River Hills Mall in Kerrville, TX

ROUTE: From Kerrville…it’s Hwy 16 to Medina, TX…RR337 to Leakey, TX… RR336 to Hwy 41…to RR335 and back to Camp Wood, TX.

***It is highly recommended for particpants to stay Friday night in Kerrville the night before the cruise.

From Kerrville, it’s roughly 150-170 miles round trip to Camp Wood, TX, where overnight lodging/camping is optional, for those that don’t want to make the long drive back home in the dark.

Sign up here:


Motorcycle Riding in The Texas Hill Country
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