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heading to the renowned Nurburgring in Germany in his M4, driver Patrick Jeans fitted the “Hot off the production line” first ever set of the new rear two piece rotors and EBC full race pads to his car along with matching front sets before the drive down to get the pads and rotors seated.
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“I think the equipment is great. The difference between stock kit and the EBC kit is dramatic and instantly obvious. The feel you get from the EBC kit is fantastic in that when you really stamp on them (As I did on the autobahn a few times) they never let up all the way to a stop, the distances to stop must be far shorter than the standard kit in my view as they almost take your face off. In my view, good brakes are the ones you don’t have to think about, and the fact I never felt like I had to worry about them is testament to that fact. Road use is very good, they squeak at low speeds which you expect from track pads – I quite like that as it reminds they are track pads!”

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Photo Credits: Apex Nuerburg

Patrick used the new EBC SG2F two piece rotors front and back plus the new EBC RPX track pads
Automotive tire Rim Circle Tire Gas

------SG2F Rotors
Font Metal Fashion accessory Household hardware Titanium

------RP-X Race Pads

Big thanks to the Apex team who took care of Patrick whilst at the track. To explore how you can have your own one stop Nurburgring experience with Apex Nuerburg follow the below link

You can find our full range of products for BMW's at the below link.

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