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We bought a 325i CPO car from Savage BMW a year ago, our 1st Bimmer, so we're new to the whole BMW scene. Yesterday I had to drop the car off for a tire issue, and a sticky trunk release. I live too far from the dealer to drop it on a weekday, so they arranged for a loaner---an '09 328i. Not only did they provide me with a nice loaner, but the tech says that I'm due for new front pads in 2800 miles, so they will check the pads and probably do the new ones now!
He also said that I can pay for any extra work (outside of the warranties) online if I'd like so that I can pick up the car after the service shop is closed. (Up until 8:30 PM.) Since I work late, and I live more than 30 minutes from my dealership this is a sweet deal!
Their shop is swamped on weekends, so an appointment is suggested, and if you want a loaner you'll probably have to give a weeks notice, but this is a nice service!
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