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Well, I just traded my 06 E46 (coupe) for and 09 E90 (coupe) and I'm loving all the new features: HD Radio, iPod Integration, headlights like I had on my 2003, the seatbelt mechanism, AND COMFORT ACCESS.

In any event, I read the manual from front to back and all the settings like Auto Lock, Seat Memory when opening door or unlocking, daytime running lights, visual confirmation when locking, pathway lighting, and autolock are SCATTERED through the manual.

I am in search of a ONE page, which list each setting and the optional settings, possibly with pictures of the display. I've searched the net to no avail, well at least based on top hits returned via google.

Hopefully someone will have something out there. If not, does someone have a pdf version of the manual that I can extract the graphics out of and make one for ev1?

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