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Little help recognizing a 325i

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I'm new here, from the Netherlands, and haven't properly introduced myself yet, but then again don't have a BMW yet either...

Anyway, up until now I've always been a VAG owner. Currently have a Golf 1 '83 and a Jetta '91 G60 with Eaton M64 strapped to it. Before that I had a Seat Cordoba (not known there) with a 20vt lump in it. (compare it with a volkswagen Jetta GLI i think it is)

But thats not what this thread is for. I am getting rid of my cars and have set my mind on a 325i e30 with the 2.5 engine not the 2.7. Now these things aren't widely available here in The Netherlands, but might have found something.
Its a registered 320 which according to the owner has had a 325i conversion.

What do i look for to actually confirm its really been done and more importantly; properly? Does the 320 have rear brake discs for example? And possibly a slightly daft question, but how am I gonna see that the thing actually does have the 2.5 litre engine in it and not the 2.0?

Furthermore, what general points do I take into concideration? Searching I found the headgaskets are known to go, and obviously stay away from blue smoke from exhaust.

Any help would be much appreciated and hoping to join you lot soon with my first BMW.

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the 2.0 m20b20 engine

the 2.5 m20b25 engine. As you can see the 2.5 has an intake with a bigger diameter which is less angled. Also you actually should be able to feel the power difference between the two of them. And watch how easy it is to pull from low revs - the 325i does it a lot better than the 320i.
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alright thanks! Nice of you to post some pictures as well.

But if I am correct they still look quite similar. I realise that the 325 has almost 40 hp more so should be noticable, however was hoping for some more distinct features concerning the block.

You mention the intake is bigger but looking at the pics they might as well be the same? Gonna be difficult for me to guess.

Concerning revving, should the 325 climb in revs much quicker in neutral also?

On the right side under the valve cover (on the cylinder head) there should be a small label designating the displacement
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