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Limited Edition OEM BMW License Plate Frames !!!


BMW's OEM Rear License plate frame is on sale for a limited time only as this is a limited edition production frame.Complete the sporty look of BMW Performance equipped vehicles with this limited edition BMW Performance license plate frame! No more than 636 frames will be produced in this yellow color. The yellow lettering is a perfect color match with other BMW Performance products (suspension springs, brake calipers, etc.) This REAL Carbon Fiber license plate frame is hand-finished and hand-cured. Sealed in automotive grade UV-resistant polyurethane to prevent yellowing. Extremely strong and lightweight - the hallmark of Carbon Fiber. The frame comes complete with matching mounting hardware-hiders to complete the look.

On Sale For $86.71
MSRP $115.00
part number: 82-11-2-210-414
For all the other ones and this one please visit
Click Here
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