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Let's Go Lapping @ Shannonville Motorsport Park.

Full Weekend of Motor Spectacular!
GT Challenge Race on Saturday! @ Canadian Tire Motorsports Park
DMCC Drift Madness on Sunday! @ Canadian Tire Motorsports Park
Let's Go Lapping on Monday!!!!! @ Shannonville Motorsports Park


The day will get split into three groups. (CASUAL)(ADVANCE)(DRIFTER).

CASUAL - Easy Pace, Point by Passing only between [10 & 11]
ADVANCE - Open Throttle, Passing allowed between [10 & 11] and [13 & 1] and [4 &5]

$160 before June 30st
$200 @ the Door.


Contact [email protected] to register your spot TODAY!


- Your car must be roadworthy - If you don't think your car will pass a safety inspection don't bring it. You will be endangering others as well as yourself.

-You MUST have a helmet if you plan on going on the track/ Drivers and Passengers. There may be a couple of loaners but don't count on it.

- Remove everything that is loose from your car including stuff in the trunk - i.e.: Golf clubs, stuff in map pockets, empty coffee cups on the floor, loose CD's or tapes, misc. junk - Basically anything that is not bolted to your vehicle or bring a bin or box to put this stuff in when you arrive at Shannoville. Don't forget to check under your seats. When you arrive it would be a good idea to remove your floor mats as well.

- Make sure the fluid levels in your car are at the proper level. If you are close to an oil change and have time you might as well do that prior.

- Make sure your wheel nuts are torqued tight. They should be at 80 ft/lbs (for Preludes)

- Clean the inside of your windows - (outside too) better yet wash your car.

- Wear flat comfortable shoes with thin soles. Ladies - no heels or clunky soles. You want to be able to feel your pedals.

- Wear comfortable clothes - you will be in your car for several hours and besides there are no fashion shows at the track.

- Fill your tank with gas. You may want to bring an extra tank to fill up while at the track.

- Umbrella in case it rains (pray for sun) and bring a hat and Sunscreen.

Rules and Regulations

1. ALL drivers must attend the drivers meeting at 8:30AM SHARP. Any driver that does not attend will not be allowed onto the track.
2. Helmets are recommended for all drivers and passengers. Drivers and passengers of convertibles and vehicles equipped with roll cages MUST wear a helmet.
3. Drivers must maintain control of their vehicle at all times. Careless driving/drifting/stunt driving will result in a black flag and removal from the track. Drivers must drive in a safe and controlled manner. This is not a race, everyone is out here to have fun!
4. Passing is only allowed in between designated corners and shall be initiated by the vehicles being passed by either using hand or turn signal. See attached track map for passing zones.
5. Drivers must obey signals from pit out marshal and corner workers.
6. Flags:
Green – GO! There are no immediate dangers ahead.
Yellow – SLOW down. There is an accident, vehicle off track, slow vehicle, oil spill, etc ahead. Drive at 50% your normal speed until you see green or instructions from a marshal.
Blue – There is/are vehicle(s) that are faster behind you, please slow down and let them pass so everyone can enjoy their time on the track.
Black – SLOW down and come into pit lane as soon as possible and see a marshal. You may not have done something wrong, but there might be a loose panel or something about to fall off your car!
Red – SLOW down and come to a STOP on the LEFT side of the track surface at the nearest marshal station.
Checker – SLOW down, finish your lap, and come into pit lane. Session is over or we require everyone off the track immediately.
7. Pit lane speed limit is 30km/h and will be strictly enforced! DO NOT CROSS blend line when entering/exiting pit lane.
8. Each vehicle will require to pass a brief visual inspection of their vehicle before entering the track. Please ensure there are no loose objects in your vehicle.
9. Inappropriate behavior on or off the track, alcohol and illegal drug use are STRICTLY prohibited and will result in removal from the track with a police escort.
10. Any spill(s), damage to vehicle(s) or structure(s) on or off the track, in pit lane, or in the paddock MUST be reported to a marshal for the safe and well being of everyone.
11. Smoking is STRICTLY prohibited in pit lane. Please smoke in the paddock or up in the stands.
12. CLOSED toe shoes MUST be worn in pit lane. Anyone wearing sandals, crocs, etc will be asked to leave the pit lane area.
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