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So the drivers side door on my 91 535i wouldn't open from the inside.
I pulled the panel off and found that the cable had snapped.
I ordered a new one (only a $5.00 part).

I got it all hooked up, tugged on the cable and everything seemed to work.
Got the door panel on, went to shut the door and it wouldn't latch.
I pulled on the inside door release and it wouldn't move.

So to make a long story short because I fought with this for hours, I found out that you have to look for your production year when ordering certain parts.
The cable I ordered was about 3/8" too short. Which meant once I hooked it all up, it was pulling on the mechanism to the open position which is why it wouldn't latch.

My car has a production date of 9/1990 - the cable I ordered was for a production date of 9/1991 an on. I needed the cable for production date 9/1990 up to 9/1991 - totally different part number.
I thought I just needed to order a part for a '91 535i.
It also turns out the cable I need is a lot harder to find - not impossible because I found one but it also was a special order and I cannot return it for any reason.

Hard way to learn this lesson, but now I'll be more careful when I order parts.
I'm just glad it was only a $5.00 part.

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i feel ya pain. not only do i have to know the build date (which is 1/97) but i also have to know which manufacturer made my aftermarket wheels. they are tsw kyalami's but i found out that depending on when u purchased them they were made by two different companies. there for the center caps for two wheels don't fit the other two wheels correctly but they look identical with caps in place.

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