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leather treatment/stereo

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i am looking for some good leather cleaner and moisturizer/protectant. can anyone recommend anything? i have a black int.
also, i would like to replace my stereo, sony 10 disc is not cutting it. any recommendations?

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i use Lexol ph Cleaner and Lexol Leather Conditioner for my leather as i have black leather as well.

as for the stereo, i would recommend the Alpine stereos. they are very good.
maybe alpine would be willing to outfit mine like that silvery blue one in the other forum?? :wub:
another good alternative to lexol stuff is the BMW leather cleaner, its pretty good and cheap
oh ya and for a headunit,, what kinda things are you looking for in a deck? powerwise, looks, performance, extra features,,,, etc etc etc
Griots Garage has some good stuff and I also like Meguires leather care.
just looking for a decent stereo that looks nice, sounds good and easy to install. i don't need anything too fancy. 250-400 dollar range.
Originally posted by morph@Jul 3 2003, 01:53 PM
just looking for a decent stereo that looks nice, sounds good and easy to install. i don't need anything too fancy. 250-400 dollar range.
then in that case, i think your own taste should lead you to the deck of your dreams. good luck and i personally have a pioneer Premier deck. i rather enjoy it.
I like the meguiars leather rich foam...smells good! as far as head units go, i sell alot of eclipse stuff over my other brands, clarion pioneer and sony...eclipse has an awesome warranty if bought and installed at an authorized dealer, 3 years! they also the have esn(eclipse security network) where you can program a disc into your unit and keep it safe somewhere at home and if the unit loses constant power or is stolen you must have that disc to unlock the radio!! most times when a thief sees an eclipse they wont bother it! they also play scratched cd's way better than any other i have ever had..i also reccomend alpine even tho i dont sell them, they are nice units....
i have a pioneer sound system in my car... but unfortunately, someone broke into my car and took my cd changer!!! arghhhh!!! good thing they didnt got rid of the wirings... time to get a new changer and an alarm system...
I really like my Clarion(matches interior and sounds great). It is not going to have all the pretty pictures and such that you can get in some other ones though.

I have heard good stuff about Alpine and Pioneer too. As always listen to stereos and see what you like. If a friend has a stereo in their car go listen to it. The store has alot of them hooked up, but if it is a best buy type store this can be misleading because they are often rigged up horribly and one can have perfect connections and another can have 10 year old cable that runs like 20 feet and horrible connections.

Good luck, check the audio forum this is asked there like once a day.
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