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It seems the ricer of choice in my parts is the Corolla S. Most people here buy them for their sporty looks and fuel economy, but a few of the youngsters around here that own them actually think that the S badge on the trunk stands for "Sportscar", and are out to prove it, so I've taken it upon myself to humble them 1 at a time with my lowly, slow, 325i.
The latest kill was the funniest one, because my wife was in the car with me, so I was trying to play it kind of cool. We rolled up into the inside left turn lane (2 lanes turning left) which was somehow left clear as apparently everyone else was setting up for the right turn at the next light. Immediately to my right is a brand new Corolla S. I didn't even bother to look over, as I didn't want to encourage him, but I planned to take him in the turn so I would be first in line for the up-coming right turn. Steptronic in S mode, half throttle through the turn, and it's a done deal---4 car lengths coming out of the turn, signal, move over. He immediately moves into the left lane and does the ricer flyby as I slow for my turn. My wife comments to me, "Oooh, he was staring you down; he didn't like that you just passed him!"
Ah, the joys of owning a BMW!:rofl
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