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Jerking noise when turning the steering wheel, fully

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I have this problem, when turnibg the steering wheel fully, I hear a jerking noise that will not stop unless I turn it back. The steering oil is fine.

Can any one help on this?
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How is the steering pump belt?
I need to check the belt but, I have asked one electrician about it & also showed the problem to him. Yesterday. He told that it is the steering pumb which requires replacement.

The belt sound more possible to me but need to check the condition. Will apprecite if you till me how to identify the belt & check its condition ….
I think/hope it's the belt slipping when the pump is under max load. If the belt looks at all worn get it changed. (Small fine cracks at 90 degrees to the grooves on the inner surface are ok)... but any damage to the outer, or running along the grooves means you need a new one. Of course you may just need the tensioner adjusting. Get the tensioner pulleys checked for wear if you are doing a belt change..... lost one of mine recently.... new rad!
thanks, and anther help required about tuning chip / software that can work for the gulf spec. e39. do you know any?

I shall provide update on the above problem, at the earliest ...
The mechanic confirmed the noise is due to the belt tensioner that need to be changed & hence I replaced it, but the noise is still there!!! I am planning to take it to him again in the coming weekend. Any idea on what is the next possibility?

BTW, the belt condition is fine …
Hope you get it sorted soon!
Now I think steering pump is the only possibility left …
What you're describing rashid sounds like a steering pump on its way out, unfortunately. This would be particularly true if you can feel a jerk in the steering as well as hear it.
I think you are right because the power steering gets heavy at low speed/ idle …
Yeah...that's also symptomatic of a bad steering pump as well...
Replaced the steering pump today & it is now fine .. thanks for the useual support ..
As always, no problem. Glad everything turned out for the best.
1 - 13 of 13 Posts
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