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I've got a new one for ya all!!

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When crusing on Monday I noticed a vibration when I hit several of our infamous bumps on our great roads of salt-bearing New York State highways..<---serious lol..and it would only last a few seconds, but I was like, wtf :blink: So I got the wheels rolling in my mind and started doing a checklist..

1.It stopped when I hit the brakes..
2.It was only at a high speed, about 80mph..
3.I've had control arms and bushings already replaced..
4.I recently did this..
5.I've only got 60k, so tie rods and ball joints are ruled out cause they also would've been replaced w/ control arms if they were shot..
6.Possible balancing of tires..
7.No alignment probs..
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On Tuesday my wife took the bim for a few hours and returned saying that she had to pull off the highway cause the front end was making a noise at 50mph..

Again.. :blink: :blink:
And so I drive it this morning (Wed.) on the way to work and as soon as I get out of the driveway, I got a 'thump, thump, thump, thump' noise coming out of the front left 20mph..

It's 5:30 AM, and this is not a very good feeling..

Thoughts?? Glazed donut to the one that comes remotely close to the solution..
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Oke... try this for me so i can get a better idea. when coming to a stop say around 15 mph or so... engage the brakes so your at a decent stopping rate, then release very abrubtly. Do you hear or feel anything when you release? If so, on whichever side it is, turn off the car, put on the ebrake, then go and hold the front inside of the fender and put your foot up on the wheel and pull away. So your like pushing the wheel away from you with your foot. Try this on the front and back of the wheel. Report back after youve done so. Engage.
No, no noise whatsoever..not ball joints or rotor balancing..

Btw, this did get repaired today.. ;)
My guess was upper strut bearings. What was it
Loose lug nuts. You really have to tighten them fuckers down Ski! You don't want to be losing a wheel on the highway at 80mph.

Dunkin Donuts please. And with Sugar Glaze, not eh Ski Special Galze ... :lol: :ph34r:
Originally posted by GreenDragon@May 1 2003, 07:33 PM
Loose lug nuts. You really have to tighten them fuckers down Ski! You don't want to be losing a wheel on the highway at 80mph.

Dunkin Donuts please. And with Sugar Glaze, not eh Ski Special Galze ... :lol: :ph34r:
I agree with Green but I don't want the donut. A week later he'll send you a picture with the donut hanging on his johnson. :(
If your lucky, otherwise I may send a picture of the recycled donut.
I believe it is a loose wheel nuts also.................... happened to me before after I changed from my winter to summers I forgot to tighten all 5 wheel nuts on one of my front wheels.....
No loose's my theory on this..the thump, thump, thump was taken care of by a service station by cleaning out dirt inbetween the hub and the wheel everthing is cool again (ie:that's what I thought the repair was)..until this (Thurs) along no problems whatsoever, going about 75mph, hit that same bump in the road on the highway, and seroius front left wheel vibration!! I hit the brakes and it goes away..

I think I got a problem w/ the ASC sensor..when I jacked up my ride..see #4 above..It put alot of stress on the front left wheel when I jacked up the rear ight..and the ASC sensor came on when I was finished and stayed on 'til the next day..

I wonder if I take the terminals off the battery the sensor might re-boot itself..course then I'll have to deal w/ the radio code, which I don't what it is..

Or first take the wheel off and look where that little sucker is?? <---Anyone know the location??

edit: forget theory, I think the ASC is on the rears only..
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And the dirt inbetween the wheel and hub was caused by the vibration me thinks..
Ok, so it's not bushings/mounts/suspension/steering arms, and there's even wear on the brake pads so it's not warped rotors,

high speed vibration could be from tranny mounts, but you said it was coming from the front wheel.

it could be an unbalanced tire or a patch of uneven wear from having locked the wheels under heavy braking

I'm really leaning toward tire balance, that seems to be the issue, that or really fucked up tire wear, but you'd see that
But it only happens on a bump on the highway..

Trigg, you might be correct on a tire balance..hmmm..
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Im standing firmly by my Strut bearing statement
if it only does it when you go over a bump it may be a shocker or shocker mounting..... my brothers bm made a knocking noise but only when you go over a bump....
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