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Is labor expensive?

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i talked to a bmw owner and he said to get something done that's not under warranty, you can pay $140 an hour for labor! that's like twice more than other companies. is this true? is it a lot higher for BMW's than other cars? granted i'd like to learn to fix everything by myself, like my dad can, that saves tons of money.
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not true at all. even the dealership charges 90 something per hour. you can take it to a local BMW shop and pay around $60-70.
its free when u do it urself :D
my local dealer near me charges aound £45 per hour, what that is in $ i dont......

a couple of my friends recon i'm barmy for using Bm to do work and servicing, but my car has full Bm history and i really want to keep it that way.....

....... any way Bmw have to charge enough money on labour and servicing, its to cover the cost of all the free cofee and doughnuts they give away. :lol: :lol: :lol:
i get a 15% discount at my mechanics place. just because ive helped them out a few times and became the " 7th mechanic so to speak"
but usually its not so much for labor i think close to $70 a hr
standard rate across the country is like 70-75. my mechanic just charges by how difficult the labor is, he's saved me hundreds of dollars and has done lots of free work.
my mechanic has been doing business with where i work for many years he just gives me a random rate. last time he charged me 160 to change a flex disc, change tranny oil, change rotors and pads on front wheels i had already completed the rears but the front ones needed to be drilled off because they were too rusted...and he also did a lot of other things.
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