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IS 300 vs 93 325is

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About 7:15 going to school I line up with this IS 300. I could see him and he started reving.... I go that same route to school so I knew when the light would turn so I juped it...

I was a few car lenghts ahead when he was catching up... When we where both at about 80mph he slowed down so I guess I won but when he slowed down he was about 1.5 car lenght ahead...

I know that the IS 300 has like 220hp compared to my 189hp but hey the driver did not finish the race so HAHAHAHA i won and my car looks better then his
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is300 is quick but not that fast. nice kill :D
yeah nice kill
Nice kill, I bet you could hang with him even if you both launched at the same time.
doesnt matter if he went past 80 you still would have raped him at high speeds
hell ya, lexus blows... is 300 what a piece of shit... I use to love japanese cars but now they just suck ass (compared to BMW). I know all these people that think civics are really fast and shit.... They say an Accord could beat a 325i even in a top speed race... We'll see tho :lol:
hahahahahahaha hondas have that infamous wall that slows down their accelaration at like 80 mph
haah infamous wall ahah
good 1. :D
every time i race a ricer i know.... and beat the crap out of him... he says he could of won or he wasnt pushin it to the max or some bs..... poor poor japs
every time i race a ricer i know.... and beat the crap out of him... he says he could of won or he wasnt pushin it to the max or some bs..... poor poor japs
Its cause they dont know how to drive their car or dont have it properly tuned. I have friends with kickass CRXes with b16 (1.6 liter engine) in it that have 200 hp and 200 ft/lbs of torque. Its a very small torque band and theres a peak at very high rpms, like 7k (8200 redline) but they know how to drive and use their power. Ive seen these guys get some serious kills. I mean like 350z, mustang GTs (not the new ones), non z06 corvettes. Its because they have a serious power to wieght ratio. 200 hp in a 1900 lbs (with driver) car is something that is very serious.
actually ive seen preludes really start to pull hard around 90mph thanx to vtec <_< and as for the IS300 i dont see how a 325is could take it at higher speeds, that extra .5L's really comes in handy at high speeds.
but his car looks better. appearance of the car hasta subtract some time and give more power somehow.
ive driven an is300 its a piece of shit...
I've driven a '98 auto prelude (my dad's... ugh, auto..), my friend's E46 325i auto, and his sister's is300 auto. I really wish my parents were rich... oh well...
Anyway.. even the prelude has that wall after 85 or so... I think it's called "top gear." Stupid honda auto...
The IS300 isn't such a bad car, even for an auto. They sound really nice and have rather crisp handling, although not nearly as good as the 3 series, and they obviously pull harder than the 325i, especially at high speeds. I remember driving his car as he drove his sister's on the highway, through traffic, reached 130 or so.
...Man, we were so f.. uhh.. stupid.
But yeah, the Prelude keeps pulling to 135 or so, but not very hard. I think we got the 325i up to 140, and same with the IS300 which I'm sure would have done more but we had to slow down.
Well, in the end, I'm gonna have to settle for an E30 325is... so stop talking about all those "slow" 200+ hp cars... hahaha :wink :guns
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ive driven my friends is300 auto and for what it was it wasnt impressive. for a $30k+ 3 liter 200+ hp car, it wasnt impressive at all. it may be a little bit faster than my car, but honestly its very damn close. dont lexus say 0-60 in 7.4. thats pretty horrible for what it has under the hood
Originally posted by Fruityone@Apr 20 2003, 05:45 PM
ive driven an is300 its a piece of shit...
:D yeah but they look kinda neat. but the brake lights are stupid. don't get me wrong....i wouldn't be caught dead in one, but everytime i see one i look at it.
One of my best friends has a Toyota Altezza that I have had the luxery of driving on many occasions, for days at a time. Nice ride with wonderful options. It can't touch my M3, but it does pull nice and is a great handling ride. I like all fast cars, and have to give props where it's due, for those of you who rip on the Jap cars "watch your ass" when you roll up on a properly built Toyota/Honda. I mean 700 WHP on a Supra with stock internals is impressive out of a 6 banger, and just like you guys I have seen guys rockin Civics and Integras that run in the 11's (high of course). They may not last as long, but they certainly never cease to amaze speed freaux. I mean pulling 380 WHP out of a 1.8 liter daily driver is the shiznit! Where I bow my head is that they, like myself have made that car go fast (Integra), whereas my M3 came from the factory that me they are true to speed, just don't have the $ to enjoy like us. :D
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thanks e36pilot ...good post.

I dont like the IS300 but why call it a POS? Its not... but for the price of a base 325i, you get a lot of options in the car.

BTW.. a stock Prelude VTEC or TYPE SH will kill 325's all day long.

I agree the 325i is the best of the bunch but its not exactly a Ferrari or a Bently. This is like reading a battle between Civic Owners and Corolla owners. Seriously now...
i merked the shit out of a 03' corolla S the other day...haha....he had nothing on me
nice kills :guns to all
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