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Inspection time

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My inspection light has finally come on, and I was wondering what the best thing to do is. Its the first Inspection Ive done (and based on my mileage should be an inspection 1), and while my car seems fine, it didnt come with any records and Im wondering if just for peace of mind if I should go ahead and have the Inspection II service done. The guy I talked to quoted me 350, which seems really good. Changes all filters+fluids, plugs, the usual stuff. Should I spend the extra cash or not worry about it. Im also going to be getting my brakes done ($126) at the same time since I'm leaving the car at the garage for the day. I already have the pads and senor which is also included in that price, but Ill need new rotors unless they can take care of the lip, so it might be a little more.

So what should I do?
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350 thats a good price....
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