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I'm Keeping the ///M !

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Hey guys just wanted to let you all know that I am keeping my ///M !!!! :rock !!!!!! :driving


I just need to find a new front bumper :banghead
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were u going to sell it or esomthing?
Yeah it was up for sale a few weeks ago. But I decided to keep it !

I was gonna sell it and save some money for awhile and get a new ///M in a couple of years..... but, I love my ///M3 too much to get rid of it!! :wub:
thats awsome! :driving :driving :driving
Mod that Mo Fo to death.....
Congrats bro!
I've done a few mods so far, ECIS Intake, AA GEN III Exhaust, ZKW ellipsoids with DDE's, OEM style M3 spoiler, Clears all around, custom sound system

Future mods : Shark injector, new wheels, AC pedals, coilovers.
I know, they will be done at a later, much later date :rolleyes:
glad to hear you made a wise choice tim :thumbs
Thanks guys
1 - 13 of 13 Posts
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