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Not sure really, but a few ideas:

Is it disconnected for long? If so it may simply be the ECU re-adjusting (air/fuel mix, etc). Have you tried starting it, turning all electrical components off (radio, amp, lights, plug in vibrator, jet propulsion system) and just letting it run for a while after re-connecting the battery?

The battery may need replacing. It could possibly be the battery is recharging and doesn't have enough juice, or your alternator may need replacing. Have you installed an amp and all that bumpin' stuff? You may also be drawing too much power after the disconnect during recharg. Consider getting a capacitor (one rated for your wattage, don't ask me because I haven't the slightest idea) so your system isn't drawing too much power from teh battery.

Hope this helps some, good luck and welcome to the Forum!
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