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I proudly present to you ...

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I got a round to snapping a few pics. They aint of the best quality.


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nice man
is that a black out grill Kit or was it painted????
Looks good, I like the BO grills.

Is that your pic in the sig??
nice car! nice grills.
i want ur grills
Looks good. I was beginning to wonder if you really had a bimmer or just stumbled onto the site to filing poo.
Thanks all. Yeah it's a black out kit, got from .... Nikkis-Place!!!!!

Cam - That's me. I was plastered in that pic :lol:
NICE RIDE!!!! I never really thought if I like the BO Grill or not, but on yours, they look really nice. B)
Is this the license plate you were covering up?


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nice car. why is the pic so dark? it doesn't look that dark out. maybe try the flash if you're within 20ft or so
AZ- Thanks man. I was a bit worried about the black out kit too. Then I put it on and I really like the look. Makes it cleaner.

Sooner - You know, I think I'm going to change my plates now though! :lol:

Donutcnow - It was starting to get dark when I took the pictures. It was a spur of the moment thing.

All, thanks for the props. I still have more to do to her, but I need to save up some. Hope to add exhaust, then upgrade the sound system. After that there won't be much more that I want to do.
You look cool.
I could care less about the car

no really nice car, but you look like a cool funny plasterd man. Kinda like some of my friends. er... all
Originally posted by woobiee@Apr 18 2003, 12:23 PM
nice car GD... maybe i can one day see it in person?
Sounds like a good idea. But I'm not wearing that dress you asked me to. I just can't do that for you woobie. :lol:
:lol: :lol: :lol:
Nice ride GD!! Get some lids bro and it would look bad ass!! B)
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