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I am looking @ putting some rims on my 90 325i conv.. A set of rims that I like are 17" Mini Cooper OEM rims. These rims have a 48mm offset. I have searched all over but have not found the min/max offset for the e30 so I am hoping someone on here can help.... Thanks...

15" iX basketweaves are ET41 so another 7mm should be able to fit... but considering stock 325i/is wheels are ET30-ET33, those new wheels are going to be sitting about 2cm farther inward from where they sit now. I don't know if it would look overly weird or anything, but in my opinion, E30 wheels sit in far enough that any more distance from the fenders would look strange.

The following link would be a good place to get a definite response:

E30 Wheels, offsets, tire sizes
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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