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Howdy's not really my style but I thought it fit well coming from TX.

They call me mak0 and I recently purchased a used 2001 325ci with about 83495 miles. Before I had a 2003 Subaru WRX which I had a bit too much fun with. After driving this car, being the first bimmer I have ever driven.. I had to have it, it was just so smooth. The opposite of a torquey little AWD rally car.(Didn't help that these were the only 2 manual cars I've driven to date) I fell in love with this car and wouldn't trade it for anything short of a 330 coupe or an m3. I've decided to invest and dedicate myself to this car, as I will also be entering my first year of an education in mechanical engineering. Someday I'll design one of these babies.

BMW Pride.
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