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Once you get your hand on the Intravee II one of the first things you will need to do is update the firmware.

Here are two quick 3 minute videos that shows the updating of an Intravee Device to give an idea of how easy it is.

Part 1-

Part 2-

To do this you will need:

1. A PC/Mac laptop or netbook with a USB or serial port

2. A DB9 Serial-to-Serial or Serial-to-USB adapter cable. Radio Shack sells them or go to eBay. Make sure it comes with an installation CD since your PC's or Mac's Operating System may not recognize the cable as a plug-play device.

3. Intravee Downloader Software -
This is an EXE file that opens up a prompt box that communicates between your computer and the Intravee via the serial cable. You can download this as a zip file and unzip it to a Folder on your desktop.

4. The Latest Intravee Firmware File -
This is a BLF file extension that updates the software of the Intravee. Firmware updates serve to fix issues and bugs AND/OR add new tricks and broaden the range of functions to the Intravee. As of January 2013 the latest firmware is V6.02 and the latest version of this V6.02 is 6963 so the file will look like this: v6.02-6963.blf

To start get the two files:
The Intravee thread - Contains user guides and latest firmware for download - Intravee - BMW 5 Series Owners Board

You guys can thank RichardP for hosting them [temporarily] at that web forum. To access the files you MUST register to become a forum member there. It takes 2 seconds to do. Also check them out, for lots of info and projects, if you are interested in trading up to a BMW 5 Series.

The firmware versions are constantly being tweaked and new versions come out almost monthly. Don't panic if you find it tedious to get new versions or having to peel back your trunk lining monthly to update your Intravee. Most of the latest updates are just minor tweaks that simply add new languages to the prompt menu or shrink the BLF file size and may broaden the range of devices that the Intravee can serve. However as long as you have v6.02 your Intravee will be up to date by 2012 standards. No serious major overhaul updates has been done since v6.02 came out during late 2011.


Time to go to work. First install your Intravee to the car if you haven't already. As you see I placed my Intravee in the trunk and ran the blue Ai Net cable, along the driver's side foot sills, to the KCA 420i that is under my dash panel and from there I run the cable to my iPod under my armrest console.

Some of the text below is written by RichardP at

1. Download the firmware and downloader program and then unzip both files to a single folder on your laptop. As you see below I choose to name my folder Intravee2013.
Also because the firmware is always being tweaked and updated with new versions coming out monthly I created subfolders (downloader-dec2012, downloader-jan2013, etc...) to keep track of the versions as I download them. I will not delete old versions just in case I need to go back and reinstall an older version in the event a new version has proven to be buggy.

2. After doing so then connect the DB9 USB/Serial Cable to your PC. With most version of Windows the drivers will be loaded automatically if not then check to make sure your DB9 USB/Serial Cable came with an installation CD .

3. Now Connect the Serial port end of the Cable to the Intravee unit and turn the car ignition to the accessory position.

4. Run the downloader program.

5. Select 'File' then select 'Comms Setup'. From the list of ports select the one that matches the device you added, valid ports should have a description by them. Also if you are using a USB port you may see this port come up in the list. That is the one you want to select.

6. Press 'Return' a couple of times, you should see the "Ready" prompt, if you don;t then you have probably not select the right port number, go back and check.

7. Select 'File' the select 'Open Firmware' and select the .blf file.

8. Select 'File' then select 'Program Firmware'.

9. Wait until the small progress bar at the bottom has finished, you should see some
messages from the Intravee that indicates it's re-booted. Hit File then select Exit. Unplug Intravee from computer and return to driver's seat. Turn on your Radio/Navigation Head unit and go to Intravee source.

Check that the Software version has been updated.

So if you updated to v6.02-6369 the Intravee screen will say Vers 6.02 and Build 6963 as shown in the pic right below:

Job done.

I would like to thank RichardP for all his support and would like to acknowledge the memory of the Intravee founder and maker Simon Allen who passed away last November 2012. His work and passion has touched us all and has showed us that anything is possible.

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Welcome back Delmarco. Another excellent DIY
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