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8 Tips for High-Marking Jobs

  1. Be consistent with your studies throughout the school year. Don't put it off until the very last minute.
  2. Notes can be helpful when revising. This will allow you to retain key facts and help you learn them.
  3. Make a realistic plan for revision. You don't have to fail.
  4. Study in a quiet, device-free environment. No calls, text, or TV allowed.
  5. Two steps to revise. You should start with an overview. You can take notes during the second read-through.
  6. You can use reading, writing, and sound to remember facts. You can keep the subject fresh by using variety.
  7. You can test your ability to practice for the exam. A study-buddy can help you do this.
  8. Take short breaks during revision. Exercise can help maintain energy levels.
Keep Your Study Plan Simple

The revision should not be more difficult than creating a study plan. You shouldn't try to break down each hour into the specific subjects you need to learn. KISS stands for Keep It Simple Stupid. You can get exam papers from previous years. These papers can give you an idea of the types of questions likely to be asked in the exam. These might be provided by your college or university. Alternativly, you may be able to purchase papers from the examining boards.

Move, eat healthy food and drink water

You can reduce stress by eating well and exercising during revision. It can be tempting to think that eating real, healthy food doesn't matter if life is hectic. You can study better if you get enough sleep and eat a healthy diet. Sometimes, these guidelines don't help students. Instead, they look for writing services and read reviews to determine which one is the best. This is an example studycorgi review.
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