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Auto diagnostic obd Vag com 12.12 diagnostic interface vag com 12.12 software install guide
Step 1. Drivers path: C:Ross-TechVCDS
Step 2. Computer time into 2013.10.1 (each software prompts to change the system time expired are to this time), turn off all network connections.
Step 3. Please never connect it to Internet and update the software.(only use this CD-ROM softwares)
Step 4. To avoid loss and damage of software data, please dont pull up and plug USB and OBD port during the use(open the software and communications within car).
Step 5. Please make sure all the antivirus programs are closed before using, it is very important.
And we will also provide you free download links in case your CD broken or damaged during delivery.

Autel MaxiDAS DS708 is a powerful scan tool that is able to customize many special settings. Following displays an example of activating BMW 7 series E65 Dynamic Drive/Active Roll Stabilization with DS708 automotive diagnostic scan tool. What is Dynamic Drive? Active Roll Stabilization (ARS) is an “active” suspension control system design to reduce body roll in cornering, resulting in improved handling. Dynamic Drive uses active stabilizers on the front and rear axles to counteract the vehicle’s tendency to roll in a corner. Working together with acceleration and position sensors, a management system and other components, such as a compensation tank for sound control, the system ensures supreme agility at all speeds, balanced reactions to load changes and remarkably precise steering.

Get the DS708 diagnostic tool English version, but can not change it into French version. Autel DS708 allows users to customize one specific language among these languages: English, Spanish, French, German and Portuguese, but not accessible to switch to the language what you want when you use DS708. You have to send the serial number and language you want before the device shipped to you. But if you want to change your language after you get the device, please again sends the serial number and language to your dealer.
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