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how to improve your excelleration.....

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it doesnt improve it that much but you can notice a differance........

if you look under your throttle pedal, there is a "STOP" to stop the pedal going all the way to the floor...... if you remove the shroud you can see a nut, if you wind it in a little (i did about 15 turns, i wouldnt recomend winding it all the way) you get a little more exceleration when you floor it hard......

it doesnt give you any extra Bhp, it just utilises that little extra fuel you can push through the fuel system.

its the cheapest mod ive ever done.....

give it a go! :thumbs
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my car has a throttle stop, but u have to screw it in to get more travel outta the pedal. i havent noticed any difference after i moved it in about a inch tho. also on e36 auto's theres a kick down button behind the throttle.
grrr... god damnit i just posted like an essay on this as a reply explaining how to carefully do this and the server ate it. ill sum it up. that is a fine adjustment for the throttle cable. They stretch over time or when they install them they may be a little to short or long. to properly do this take off the intake tubing so you can see the throttle body then press the pedal all the way. notice how far in degrees the butterfly valve turns. if its perfectly parallel with the throttle body dont mess with the deadpedal. If not then mess with it till it is perfectly parallel.
^ sorry bout that dude..these things happen sometimes..
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i was tempted to type what you said, but i couldnt remeber what you wrote! so i didnt! :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol:

but i am glad you re-posted! :thumbs thanx,
no problem ski... ive had my own forums and i know how devilish they can be.

all in good fun :bravo
Originally posted by Fox@Jul 3 2003, 06:39 PM
i know how devilish they can be.
:devil understatement of the year..thanks!! ;)
HEY !!! i was wondering what happened to this post. man i had like 4 posts on it! dammit ski! :p
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