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how do i drive a bmw 318ti auto and manual

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i just was wandering how do u drive a a/m bmw 318ti b/c i have that and dont know how to drive the manual part of it
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i guess you move the shifter from 1-2-3-d
press the button to M and use the 1/2/3/D to shift...its not like in automode, where if you put it in 3, itll go from 1st to second to third...whatever gear you have it in while in "m" mode, itll be in, so from a start, put it in 1, then shift to 2..etc
do i push the brake or do i just pull the button and push it back
Originally posted by UgaSoccer86@Jun 6 2003, 08:56 PM
do i push the brake or do i just pull the button and push it back
no brake, just push the button and go, like u said. it wont jam up the gears, i believe it works sorta like steptronic
you dont want to press the brake while doing it, all you will do is lose RPMs. Like speedster said, you remain in that gear until you change it, so if you stop in third, you will have to change it back to first or else you take off slow(er than usual) and you may stall. You wont gain much from it, should have gotten a 5speed. If I drive over there while your there Ill let you try on mine. I told dad to try and teach you on the boxster when it leaves the shop, but I doubt he will. Took me years to be able to back it out of the garage just to wash it.
lol i wish he would let me drive the boxter but yea ill try what u said when i get it back form the shop today
i think u shouldn't play with that cuz ur trannsmission is not made for that.
keeps on downshifting overheats ur auto tranny.
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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