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MODS: Please delete my other thread, it contains a bit of outdated information, and dead picture links.

Update: Well, I do have to sell it after all. After much contemplation about finances and the future, it just doesn't make sense for me to keep it. I know I'm letting some people down by not keeping it, but hopefully it will stay in the family so to speak, so that we can still see it and its new owner on the forums.

To the keen eyed, some pictures don't have the custom brakes in them, they are a few months old, just thought they helped give an overall impression of the condition of the car.

It's a 1994 840ci, custom 6 speed swap, H&R lowering kit, and more mods then many other 8's seen on the forums or indeed the world.

Its 0-60 time is mid 5 seconds, top speed is 167mph (GPS verified), and gets 24MPG highway.

The gauge cluster is one of 4 in the world, its a custom design I made, and only sold 3 other copies of it in the entire world.

Here is a complete breakdown..

Mods & Stats:


M60B40 4.0L V8 - 330HP
Wokke Performance ECU chip
Custom 6 speed manual swap (s6s 420g out of a 2000 540i)
265mm SACHS flywheel and clutch(has more clamping force then the 240mm clutch found in late model 540is)
3.64 geared rear diff (2.91 is stock which I still have)
Custom fabricated heavy duty driveshaft
E36 M3 short shift kit
Mechanical fan delete + Custom 16” electric fan


H&R sport lowering kit
Bilstein Sports shocks and struts
M5 control arms
Forged aluminum lower control arms


Brembo 4 piston front brakes
Brembo custom x-drilled / slotted rotors front & rear
Hawk Performance Ceramic pads front & rear
Stainless braided brake lines


Custom center console covered in microsuede.
Microsuede shift boot
e46 ZHP weighted ///M shift knob
Custom gauge cluster
LED interior mood lighting(replaced all incandescent bulbs with white LED arrays)


19x8.5 et13 / 19x10.5” et20 Miro 368 wheels (BBS LM-R)
245/35/19 & 275/30/19 Nitto Invo Tires
35% window tint
Paint in fair condition, it has a few scratches here and there.
A few dents here and there, overall in great shape.
Missing lower chin spoiler, it was like that when I purchased the car.


Alpine CDA-9884 head unit
I-Pod interface cable that sits in center console with full I-Pod control from headunit and charges I-pod as you play
Eclipse 5.25” component speakers in front
Eclipse 6.5” 3 way rear deck speakers

Maintenance Records:

All parts used are new & BMW/OEM unless noted

Car purchased @154k miles and driven from California to Arizona.

@156k miles:
Bosch +2 Yttrium Spark plugs
Oil filter + 8 quarts Mobil 1 0w40 euro synethic oil
Lubro Moly Jectron Fuel Injection Cleaner
Air filter
Alpine CDA-9884 Headunit
Tinted windows
New hood emblem

@157k miles:
2 Magnaflow CA/50 state certified catalytic converters
headers-back custom 2.5” dual exhaust system
1 Dual in/out magnaflow resonator
2 Hooker Aerochamber mufflers

@158k miles:
Brake bomb
Fuel lines
Dual fuel filters
Driver side door pin switch
Radiator expansion tank cap

@160k miles:
Oil filter + 8 quarts Mobil 1 0w40 euro synethic oil
Lubro Moly Jectron Fuel Injection Cleaner
Outer Tie Rods
850csi forged aluminum lower control arms
H&R sport lowering kit
Front strut mounts
Rear shock mounts
Steering bushing
New Miro 368 wheels w/ nitto invo tires

@161k miles:
6 speed swap using 2000 BMW 540i S6S 420G transmission
3.64 gear rear differential
Diff and transmission filled with Redline synthetic fluids
Custom HD driveshaft
M3 Short Shift Kit
Etc, etc, etc (about $2,000 in misc. additional drive-train parts)
Rear main seal
Brembo x-drilled and slotted rotors front & rear
Hawk Performance Ceramic brake pads front & rear

@163k miles:
Water pump
Aluminum thermostat housing
Upper and lower serpentine belt tensioner
A/C serpentine belt tensioner
Accessory and A/C serpentine belts
Upper and lower radiator hose
Power steering pump

@164k miles
Oil filter + 8 quarts Mobil 1 0w40 euro synethic oil
Lubro Moly Jectron Fuel Injection Cleaner

@165k miles:
Center Drag Link
Idler Arm
2 Bosch O2 sensors

@167k miles:
Bilstein Sports Shocks front and rear
M5 upper control arms
New upper power steering hose
GMII module w/ new updated capacitors to prevent cold start issues
New Headlight wiring harnesses (custom made)
Eclipse speakers installed

@168.5k miles:
Replaced all low and high pressure power steering lines

Car currently at 168,800 miles.

Things still need to addressed eventually:

Just fixed all power steering lines, as they just came in from Gault.

There is a minor oil leak from somewhere, not enough to notice a measurable drop in oil level between changes but I do see a few spots here and there when it's parked for a few days.

It's not a trailer queen but I get stopped constantly by people asking about it, commenting on how nice it is and thanking me for keeping it on the road. Seriously. It takes some getting used to, since I never got 1/8th the attention in my M3, Z3, 540i, turbo 325i, porsche 944, or any other of my cars.

Easily $20,000 in mods and maintenance in the last 10k miles alone, not to mention the price of the car itself. Not so easy is parting with it. Its simply put the best vehicle I have ever owned. Its just the right combination of sports car, gt car, and exotic while being able to still be daily driven.

I think given the market it'd be fair to ask $15,000 or best offer. I am open to some negotiation, but please be reasonable.

Contact me on the forums, or at [email protected]. I'll Pm any interested parties my phone number if you wish to arrange a test drive.

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Wishing you and the car the best. Wow is that a beautiful car, and a great example of one that really makes the 850's a kinda moot point.
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