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HID H1 Kit 7000k for sale

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HID H1 Kit 7000k for 350dollars.

email me: [email protected]

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why for sale? didn't you just buy the HID for your fog lights
i am selling to fruity for his future euro ellips. they have been used for less than 20 hours!! i don't even turn them on cuz the 1 set of HID is already enough. 350dollars... pretty good deal right :D
if they haven't sold yet let me know, I am interested.
sorry cam your too late
wait, cam. if fruity doesnt want end of this month, i can sell u.
i definitely want :D how come you didnt go to the fest today cam?
couldn't make it, I had a interview yesterday.
did you get the promotion?
it sounded like i would but i don't know for sure yet, I sure hope so because I will be making more then double what I do now.
share the wealth buddy :p
nah forget it cam you take the HID's...i just found out my sunroof aint working id rather fix that first i love being able to open the sunroof so i gotta have it
1 - 12 of 12 Posts