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Got it on Mar 13th, Potomac MD from the second owner of this baby.
pretty much original everything, did have some dints and scratches, but mechanically it's perfect. 134,420 mile when I got it, now it's 135, 650 mi.

Silver exterior / Black interior
All lights replaced, during the ownership from previous owner - due to smashing by some drunk dummy maybe... while it was parked.
3rd and 4th of the solenoid gets replaced; I guess the CAI replaced also.

other than that, just some services will come in place soon:
fluid change & flush; rear brake pads 72% worn now; O2 sensor might gets the check-engine on in future again....

only wanna install Xe lights and maybe repaint it in future; will pamper it... it'll be my last car here in the States I hope.
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