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I'm Chelsea and I'm new member. I just bought my first BMW (2002 325i) and I'm a TOTAL BMW novice. I'm 20 years old and I work for a medical marijuana organization in Washington State. I just thought you might want to know something about me. If you don't agree with medical marijuana, please don't flame me for that. I'm a legal patient who helps other patients.

I don't see all that well at night and one of my headlights (right side) just kicked the bucket. I'm figuring that I should probably replace both headlights with something a lot brighter, but I'm not afraid to say....I'm clueless. I know that the current lights say "ZKW" on them.

Can anyone make any recommendations on what I should replace them with and where I can get a decent deal on them? I can't very well drive around with one headlight for more than a day or two. :(

Thanks for you help....


P.S. I'm using Steve's computer. The police just stole my computer. Google Steve and you'll get the story.
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