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Hey everyone it has been a really long time since I have been on here and a lot of things have happened...and I have a lot of questoins...
SO first off the other day I was driving to get a bite to eat and then all of a sudden (sitting at a stopsign) I had this huge bump forward from the engine, long story short the top part of my radiator where the plastic hose goes to the engine to keep it cool...well that plastic hose broke the radiator piece that it was attached too off....

So question ONE...When I am replacing the radiator is there anything else that I could do other then the normal maintenance, like maybe simple or not so simple things that would improve the speed or quickness a little(that would actually be worth doing)?
(because I would really like to make it a little bit quicker.)

ONE part 2 whats the maintince I could do to bring it back?

TWO does anyone know where to buy those pieces for your visors that your visor fits into?

THREE there is a whining noise coming from my vents/air conditioner when my a/c is turned on but it goes away when its off...any ideas what it is or what needs replacing and if so how could I check it?

FOUR my passenger window a little while back decided to stop working(drivers still works just fine)...other then the motor do you have any other suggestions as to what it could be?
(also if it is the motor anyone know a good place to get one)

FIVE whats the easiest way to get to the shifter bushings on the lower part of the shift handle because mine has become a little loose, able to wiggle back and forth a little in gear and I would like to replace them.
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