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I have a BMW 523i and im in need of some expert advise. i have been all over the net trying to find an answer but i have come to a block.

here is my dilema (and im sure you guys will be like this is piss easy) lool

i have bought an amp and a sub to put in my car.
i am using the normal headunit that came with the BMW (factory)
i also bought a loc output converter.

I DONT HAVE an amp like i see in all the videos online, and have no idea how to connect my LOC into my speaker wires because i have no idea where they are.
i assume it is the white 12 pin plug in the boot but i dont know what colours to bridge...

i am sorry if this is a novice question to ask of yall, but any help i would appricate it...

thank you very much

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