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Hey guys and girls.

Obviously Im new here.
Im 23 year old student from Auckland, New Zealand.
Love BMW's like most of you here Im sure!

Im looking at moving to CA around LA at some point soon once I sort my sh*t out, so be cool to meet some other people round there, no one likes being a loner in a new city!

Anyway heres a run down of a few of the cars I have had...

I got my first car for my 17th Birthday which was a Pre Facelift E30 320i which was then replaced when I turned 19 and got a South African Spec E30 325i. When I turned 21 I was given a E36 318is Coupe which has been my pride and joy ever since until a few months ago when I picked up a E39 523i (2.5L) and yet another E30... (318i)

Anyway here is an attempt to chuck a few pictures up...

This was my 325i when I still had it, I belive now it is supercharged and has a tech2 kit on it

Here is my car just before I sold it

Mine and my mothers car..

My E39, still stock as a rock. Mods to begin soon

Cheers fellas :)
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