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I was on YouTube and was helping answer someones question on what "E" represents in the BMW world when it comes to identifying specific BMW models.

EX: E39, E46, E60, and now the F01 etc. (we call know this basic stuff so throwing it out there for the hell of it)

I went to an online translator to look up the German equivalent of "Development" because I know the the E is short for a German word meaning the same. I came back with the word Entwicklung and then proceded to answer the YouTubers question regarding chassis designations with my fancy new German word. Afterall, doesn't it make me sound smart? :rofl

So, after answering the question I go to Wikipedia and type in "Entwicklung" to see what comes up and I was actually surprised...

Wikipedia said:
The Entwicklung series, more commonly known as the E- series, was a late-World War II attempt by Germany to produce a standardised series of tank designs.

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Now BMW actually uses the term "Entwicklung" in their development codes, but I find it fascinating that the term actually has origins back to WWII and I also found it fascinating that the way in which the development codes were used are very similar to how BMW uses them today. I thought this was fascinating and I thought some of you might find it interesting as well so I had to share. :D

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Very interesting, I always presumed the early BMW's were made from recycled Panzer tanks!!

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Interesting fact my friend! Entwicklung meaning "development" seems to be another term used by BMW for its various "platforms", more specifically with respect to a chassis and its designation. As we've seen time and again, BMW will develop a platform and then create multiple different cars based on the same core, from a base model to a detuned Motorsport one.

It makes sense and is consistent that dating to WWII when we know BMW was active (and back farther with the early planes that kicked our butts time and again (and formed the basis for the beloved propeller emblem), let alone the inferior quality Russian planes which by the time of WWII were so far inferior to the German planes (and most pilots as well) that an "Ace" flyer in WWI had six or more kills and the top flier for the whole war on either side was the famed "Red Baron" Manfred von Richthofen with 81 kills whereas by WWII top German pilots on the Eastern front had over SEVEN HUNDRED KILLS! I digress this way merely to emphasize the superior quality of German engineering - and we are all the better for it now! :D (um, "make Bimmers/cars not war??")

Gotta love the history. SIGH.

Nice thread G.
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