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i have a 95 325i. i recently got a kenwood mp142 head unit to put in my car. i took out the factory stereo and cut the wires in the back of it to crimp them to the wires on the new harness of the kenwood. only one problem i dont know where to connect the RED wire to. (coming from the back of the kenwood) i connected all the wires correctly from the back of the harness to the wires from the car. the only problem were the power ones. i connected the brown wire (car) which is Ground to the black on the kenwood also Ground. BUT I NEED HELP WITH THE RED WIRE. check this link and look on page 16. these are the kenwood instructions for my new head unit.

its the big wire diagram on page 16.
now because it wont turn on when the battery is, i think i messed the whole system up!!!! any help pleaseeeeee!!!!
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