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Hi all, I am new to the thanks in advance to any help you guys give me. I am a professional audio installer, normally doing custom stuff...

A customer brought in a new 330i and want us to hook up an amp and sub. we were going along fine until we got to the remote wire for the are my questions:

1. I tested all the wire going into the harmon cardon amp, and it seems that the power wire there recievs CONSTANT power, even with the key off and the doors locked, so it doesnt seem to be well suited for a remote turn on wire. but if we hooked it up to say an ACC fuse, then the amp wouldnt turn on with out the key in the ignition, since the audio system seems to always be able to turn on, even without the key in the ignition, this would mean that if someone is listening to it with the key out, the sub wouldnt play.. so...having said this, can you guys tell me where we should hook the remote turn on wire to? andwhere it is located?

2. where is the fuse box for this car? the owner doesnt even know and i cant seem to find one right away...

Thanks in advance!

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