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I want t oupgrade the base sound in 2003 530i...

I have been told upgrading the front speakers with 2 way MB quarts will be real nice but they are $350 pair

I need some nice nice 2 or 3 way speakers that will fit in 530i? and some new speakers to drop in the rear deck since it will be off

Also need a nice mutichannel amp...I know the JL 500/5 is awesome but at $900 it is expensive...

I also need an amp/sub...

Ideally I would like like to stay in the $1200-1500 range with installation

Components I need:

front speakers.. 2 or 3 way
rear speakers ...maybe

multichannel amp
sub/amp..I prefer to go with a free amp to be mounted in the rear deck

any suggestions...

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