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A local shop installed a remote starter on my 1994 325.

About 3-5 days later, the car would start with the remote starter, but then turn off 10 seconds later.
The car would attempt to start again, then turn off again 10 seconds later.

When i tried to start the car manually (key in ignition), it worked. Didn't stop.

The next day, the remote starter don't start the car anymore at all, but when i try to start it with the key in the ignition, it still works.

The next day, several warning lights appear at the same time (check engine, airbags, etc) and the car shuts down 10 minutes later while driving, as if the power was drained off the whole car. Same symptom as an alternator failure. All the lights and the engine turns off.

The next day, the car starts again and i manage to go to that local shop that installed the remote starter. They say it's the alternator.

My question is: did they screw up the installation of the remote starter, which might have cause failure of the alternator?

The car is 94 with only 73000 miles. A BMW alternator should not fail at 73000 miles!

What do you think? I don't think it's a coincidence that the alternator failed only a few days after the installation of the remote start and keyless entry system.
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