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Hello, i have a e46 330D with the professional navigation kit, i seem to be having a couple of problems whilst listening to music.

A couple of weeks ago my rear left speaker decided to stop working, i left it as it didn't really bother me while i was driving, but now my front left speaker has decided to stop working. well it works when i start the engine, but if i have been driving for more than 5 mins it will just cut out. If i park up for more than an hour, it will start working again, but any less than that, it wont.

i have checked the loom and there is no problems there, i just don't want to pay BMW £140 to have a look at it for them to probably say it's my fault.

Any ideas? Please it's really bugging me now, i drive 1000 miles a week and listening to music in my car is a big thing for me.

I apreciate all the help people can give me.


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