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Hey forum,
I'm new to werkz; I really need to know what this is...

Recently I was driving my 2009 328i Sedan automatic only 7800 miles (Its been only a year since I bought my car). I decided to finally break it in so I floored my vehicle. I was pretty low on gas, but the gas light hadn't come on yet (could go about 50miles) all of a sudden my car began to shake like it was going to stall out? The check engine soon light came on, as soon as I put gas in it the check engine light turned off, but I still feel like my car hasn't been running as smoothly as before I did what I did...:(

I haven't gotten an oil change yet since its every 15,000 that I get it, could it be that? I am bringing my car in later this week but I'm afraid to even drive it around now...could I have broken something when I floored it? It didn't even seem like I went that fast?...



1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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