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my name is ted i am a 6o year old marine from kentucky that knows squat about a computer. i am about a half a secound from putting my fist through this screen and that would be number 3 in the last 2 years. all i am trying to do is find a tutorial on how to replace the heater core in a 2001 bmw 740 i i can only type with 2 fingers so it takes me forever. i dont know if im where im supposed to be but it took an hour or so to get here PLEASE ANYONE PLEASE point me in the right direction before i put my fist through the screen and set the car on fire im not really a jerk PTSD has got me bad i cant help it PLEASE if someone can help me please do so. i have to walk away now 4 a while my finger hurts and so does my head i dont understand this computer shit at all when i went 2 school we had pencil and paper and eraser if you had the money 4 one. i will be back i hope TED

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Parts you will need:

64 11 1 468 436 17.12mm One (1) required
64 11 1 468 435 13.98mm Six (6) required

replacement bolt for base of steering column (breakaway head) dealer only, apparently
07 11 9 919 643 M8x30 Fillister-head screw

Large and small tie-wraps for wiring

Cabin (recirculation) filters. Easy to replace during this procedure.

special tools you will need:

If you are even thinking about doing this job yourself you will have most of the tools needed (sockets, every screwdriver in the world including Torx, etc).

The 8mm breakaway-head bolt at the base of the steering column must be extracted/removed by drilling, using an EZout, or grinding the head, etc. This could be accomplished with a drill and a GOOD drillbit alone, I wound up using a combination of drilling/cutting/grinding which leads to a bigger mess.

Procedure Overview:

1. Remove the console
2. Remove the steering column
3. Remove the left support structure
4. Remove the HVAC front cover
5. disconnect heater hoses & blow out lines
6. Remove pipes & replace O-rings
7. reconnect heater hoses, top off coolant, pressure test if possible
8. assemble interior (reverse order)
9. bleed cooling system
10. test drive, check everything, reset radio stations, etc
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