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after I made the mistake of removing to many bolts then removing the valve body from my gearbox (zf 5hp-18) and a small explosion of parts i have had to painstakingly rebuild the valve body

for the most part everything is fairly simple - all but the restrictors, I have no way of knowing which restrictor goes where all the outer diameters are the same

does anyone have a copy of the zf 5hp 18 valve body manual or know where i can get a copy of the page that has the details of which inner diameter restrictor (or colour) goes in which hole?

it is possible to buy one for about 500 quid direct from zf - if i am prepared to wait about 12 weeks - but I need this car back on the road soon

any download link or even an image of the relavent page would be appreciated
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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