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Hello Forum Followers! We are the new guys around here. We are The Suspension Source located in Mission Hills,California. We specialize in lowered suspension for both cars,trucks and SUVs. We are open Monday thru Friday 8am to 5pm PST.

We are an authorize dealer of ST Suspensions. They are the brother company to KW Suspensions. The ST Suspensions Coilovers come with a 5 year warranty. One of best warranties in the market. ST coilovers are also similar to the KW V1.

Most kits are $976 shipped within the lower 48 states.

Here are a few key things about the ST Coilovers:

Made by KW Suspensions, the leader worldwide for height adjustable coilover system. ST Suspensions belongs to the KW Automotive company which also owns KW Suspensions, Belltech Sport Trucks and LSD Doors.

Adjustable Lowering Heights Front: 0.8"-2.0" Rear: 0.8"-2.0"

ST Suspensions - Spring Strut Construction
*Excellent all around performance, providing a balance between performance and comfort for everyday use
*High-quality components for long durability
*Use of twin-tube technology, independent reactions from damping inputs minimized chassis vibrations and increase driving dynamics
*Coilovers come with all necessary components, vehicle-specific certificate and installation instructions
Functional principle of twin tube shock absorbers:
With a Twin-Tube shock absorber, the piston works inside of an inner Tube. The space between the inner tube and the casing is used as an equalization chamber. Changes in volume due position of the piston rod change the oil level in the equalization chamber between the outer casing and inner Tube.

Compression phase:
When the car swings downwards in the direction to the road, the piston rod is moved downwards.
The oil displaced by the piston rod is pressed into the equalization chamber between the Tubes via specially designed orifices in the compression valve at the lower end of the inner Tube. The resistance that is created through this valve creates the actual compression forces. Oil underneath the piston
also flows upwards through the piston check valve with low resistance which also influences the damper characteristics.

Rebound phase:
When the car swings upwards, away from the road, the shock absorber is extended. The piston rod
is extending outward from the housing. The rebound phase valve at the lower Tube resists the oil that flows downwards through the holes in the space above the Tube. Therefore the upward motion is slowed down. When the piston rod is pulled out of the case, its volume is balanced out by the oil that flows from the equalization chamber back into the inner tube through the compression check valve.

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