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hello all, I am new here, my name is Paul, I am 22 and I am out to buy my first e36. I used to have an E30 and that died a few years ago, and now I am in the market. My budget to start is 3-5000, what can i expect to get with this? what should i be looking for?

I do not mind putting more money into this as i go and would eventually like to do an s50 swap, but the engine swap would not be for a couple years. I do not want an M3 because my Dad told me that their lower ball joints wear a lot faster than other e36s, so I am looking at 318s 325s and 328s. As far as when I actually do the swap, how much custom work am i looking at if any since its from this body?

I do not mind travelling out of state to get this, and would prefer a car that has spent its life in the south, I will not be driving the car when there is snow on the ground so I am not too worried about much there. I would like a blue or black, but if I find the right car again I am not worried about putting money into it, does anybody know how much it would be ballpark to have one painted estoril?

thanks for all of the help and I am sorry if these are very newbish questions, I am just looking for some help. Thanks everybody!
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